Monday, October 20, 2014

How to run a Marathon in just 10 days? My First Marathon experience.

Guys, hope you all are doing good in your lives. You've reached at this insane blog write-up, where I'm gonna tell you how I finished a marathon with just less than 10 days of training. The training was totally irregular.

My Story:
Let me tell you that this was the first ever marathon of my life. I ran Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, held in Hyderabad on August 24, 2014. Just to ensure you, I'm talking about 26.2 miles(42.2 km) of pure blissful full marathon distance.

I actually don't remember the idea which triggered the feeling in me of running a full fledged marathon. I did have some running history, quite not impressive though. I did ran 100/200/400 meters sprints during my high school. I was careless & lazy on the hard work I should have to get the top position. Though walking has always been my best part. You tell me that we're going out for this so & so place by walking, and I wouldn't think twice. I would prefer walk rather than catching a bus or an auto.

Why Full Marathon at first long run?
This could be of the most idiotic idea you would have ever listened. I registered for full marathon instead of half, because they were charging same amount i.e. Rs 900 for each of the event. My so-called logical mind said, why not run longer with same price. I guess, you are ROFL by now.
When I registered for marathon & informed couple of my close friends, room-mates, colleagues etc. All they could say is, you're mad, you're insane. It's tough, they advised me of having had registered for a half marathon as the first long run.

Training(funny part):
I ran a random distance for 2-3 days. Then I ran 10 km everyday for 3 days in a row. And I ran 1 hour straight on treadmill covering around 7-8 km. With few small runs, this puts me at total training of less than 10 days. All this was scattered in a total span of 2 months. I wasn't too serious about the training, though I was making up my mind of finishing it in 6 hours 30 minutes, usual time to finish a full marathon. I was Googling a lot of training articles, blogs. None of them ever recommended to even attempt a marathon with less than 1 month training. I bet you can't even find an article which says train for 10 days and run a marathon. And I also wouldn't recommend you do the same, because as I'll write the follow-up blogs, I'll show you the painful part or post marathon experience. It's your choice to dare the pain the run your marathon.
They say, running a marathon is more of a mental game rather than physical. Ever heard of the term called "Hitting the wall". No? Google it and see what happens in your mind and body when you've completed 30 km and still left with some 12.2 km to finish?

D-day : August 24th 2014.
I got a free cab ride to start point, offered by #Uber for all marathoners. The race was to start at 5 am. Waking up so early in the morning itself is a challenge for most of us, especially the 9-6 professionals.
As I reached, I was like wow! to see the crowd warming up on DJ songs. Loved that moment.
It was 05:00:00 and a gun fire made us run towards this 42.2 km long journey. My pace for the first 10k was my best PR. Next 10k was mixed pace(jogging+walking). 20k to 30k distance was fast walk. After 30k, only God knows it all. After 30k, my feet started hurting the most. 37k to 40k was like hell. Last 2.2 km were not that great but finally finished clocking at 5 hours 54 minutes 55 seconds. My first ever marathon timings. My best personal record. I was happy to finish it finally. But what happened during the race & after that would surprise you. Keep reading my future blogs.

I'll write few more blogs giving in extra details to share my experience with the world. I will continue writing blogs on my race experiences and I hope to participate the best marathons in India & World.

Ask any silly questions you may have for running marathons. Comments, compliments, suggestions, criticism are welcome.

Let's run.