Thursday, August 4, 2016

No Non-sense: Transformation Journey - My initial thoughts

Hey there, I'm Harpreet. You can call me Lucky... that's my nick name. I've got tattoo as well. Just saying. :P
Well, it's 1 am on a Thursday night; so it's technically #TGIF. And I'm still awake. But why? I've been thinking to start my body transformation journey. You must be thinking I'm kidding? Well, maybe I don't know how far I can go.
I thought it's a good idea to keep writing weekly/bi-weekly about your progress. I will share the my highs & lows during the journey.

Body Transformation? Ummm, No, I'm not actually looking for just 6 packs or that super lean body. It's more like life time commitment to a better lifestyle and live life the royal way. And excuse me, b'coz I don't know what royal way I'm talking about here.

Why? The answer is simple. I've messed up my body. I'm not sick. I'm healthy but I'm still ignoring those little-2 sickness I'm going to get in coming future.

I work in a MNC.(you guessed it right, as an Engineer). Been working since 5 years. I've not just put-up too much weight but I don't believe I looked upon this kind of life. I'm performing good, very good in office and work. But it seems I still lacks something in life. Some adventure, some craziness, some insanity and something beyond. And hey, I'm just 27.
Shit, I'm 27. :(

Call me mad, as I still think that I can be a boxer at this age if I just start tomorrow. Tomorrow that never comes. There were days, I used to self train on punching bags. Nah.. nothing serious, but I loved it. I somehow miss it.
I'm not going to compare with you on how lazy I am. I can certainly beat you in lot of laziness stuff. And I'm not proud of it.

I did ran 3 full marathons (Hyderabad marathon - 2 times and SCCM 2015), a couple of 70-80 km cycling events and few 10k races. And i never prepared for them. I'm still not happy in completing those. Those would've turned bad for me. We should never attempt a full marathon without practice. You may complete it but you'll injure yourself more. I'm still safe and sound.

Am I deviating from my original thoughts? What this blog is all about?
I wanted to say that I've tried a lot of things. I've an active gym membership since last 2 months but I ain't going. I've a pack of Protein powder, not having it. I have all those pre-requisites to start working towards my fitness journey. Not to forget, I just bought new gym apparel (a short & pant) from Aesthetic Nation. I guess, if I'm thinking correctly I lack motivation. I'm so comfortable living daily 9-6 job and taking care of everything and everyone around me, but forgetting to take care of the only one person. Myself.

Okay. So, let's change. There's no mystical energy field that controls my destiny." - Han Solo

I will use this blog to track my progress. My current lifestyle, made me gain over 25 kg.

Below are my current measurements, as on August 5th 2016 are:

Height - 176 cm
Body Weight - 95.4 kg (210 pounds)
Neck - 17.25"
Shoulders - 48" (not measured perfectly, as I measured myself only).
Chest - 43.5"
Arms (Biceps) - 13.5 (Unflexed)
Forearms - 11.25"(Unflexed)
Waist - 43"
Hip - 44"
Thighs - 25"
Calves - 15.75"

So, these are my readings. I'll update these in my BodySpace profile as well. I'll use Twitter to share quick thoughts any time of the day.

By writing this blog, my target is to keep myself motivated to achieved fitness goals.
First goal - Hit the Gym for 21 days straight.

To see some embarrassment, as well as, to lose that shyness of self; I'm sharing my current picture. This is how I looks with my shirts off. See ya later! Good night. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Royal Enfield - Just being bad ass Royally...

You don't choose a Royal Enfield, it chooses you.

watch this space for more updates.. be continued. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Are 5 years punishment for Salman Khan is enough?

Wow! Bhai is behind the bars now. He's got 5 years of sentence for hit and run case. Do you even remember the year, yes it was 2002. More than a decade ago.
I'm sure Salman Khan must be punished for drunken driving & killing innocent people who were sleeping on footpath.
Can govt just accept what have they have done in these past 13 years for common man. Are you sure if all the people are above BPL & is every Indian sleeping inside his house?
Govt isn't going to ban alcohol, so people will drink and obviously they might end up driving their vehicles sometimes. You put poor people sleep on road or footpaths, they are vulnerable to accidents.
I'm not a fan of Salman Khan but try to understand his donation efforts for poor people.
He did a mistake, he should be punished.
But punishment can be mend just in the welfare of poor people. Make him donate millions of money or have him correct the slums of Mumbai. I bet he can. He will, given a chance.
Also, you take 13 years to judge a simple hit & run case? I would say punish the officials for delaying this much.

Monday, October 20, 2014

How to run a Marathon in just 10 days? My First Marathon experience.

Guys, hope you all are doing good in your lives. You've reached at this insane blog write-up, where I'm gonna tell you how I finished a marathon with just less than 10 days of training. The training was totally irregular.

My Story:
Let me tell you that this was the first ever marathon of my life. I ran Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, held in Hyderabad on August 24, 2014. Just to ensure you, I'm talking about 26.2 miles(42.2 km) of pure blissful full marathon distance.

I actually don't remember the idea which triggered the feeling in me of running a full fledged marathon. I did have some running history, quite not impressive though. I did ran 100/200/400 meters sprints during my high school. I was careless & lazy on the hard work I should have to get the top position. Though walking has always been my best part. You tell me that we're going out for this so & so place by walking, and I wouldn't think twice. I would prefer walk rather than catching a bus or an auto.

Why Full Marathon at first long run?
This could be of the most idiotic idea you would have ever listened. I registered for full marathon instead of half, because they were charging same amount i.e. Rs 900 for each of the event. My so-called logical mind said, why not run longer with same price. I guess, you are ROFL by now.
When I registered for marathon & informed couple of my close friends, room-mates, colleagues etc. All they could say is, you're mad, you're insane. It's tough, they advised me of having had registered for a half marathon as the first long run.

Training(funny part):
I ran a random distance for 2-3 days. Then I ran 10 km everyday for 3 days in a row. And I ran 1 hour straight on treadmill covering around 7-8 km. With few small runs, this puts me at total training of less than 10 days. All this was scattered in a total span of 2 months. I wasn't too serious about the training, though I was making up my mind of finishing it in 6 hours 30 minutes, usual time to finish a full marathon. I was Googling a lot of training articles, blogs. None of them ever recommended to even attempt a marathon with less than 1 month training. I bet you can't even find an article which says train for 10 days and run a marathon. And I also wouldn't recommend you do the same, because as I'll write the follow-up blogs, I'll show you the painful part or post marathon experience. It's your choice to dare the pain the run your marathon.
They say, running a marathon is more of a mental game rather than physical. Ever heard of the term called "Hitting the wall". No? Google it and see what happens in your mind and body when you've completed 30 km and still left with some 12.2 km to finish?

D-day : August 24th 2014.
I got a free cab ride to start point, offered by #Uber for all marathoners. The race was to start at 5 am. Waking up so early in the morning itself is a challenge for most of us, especially the 9-6 professionals.
As I reached, I was like wow! to see the crowd warming up on DJ songs. Loved that moment.
It was 05:00:00 and a gun fire made us run towards this 42.2 km long journey. My pace for the first 10k was my best PR. Next 10k was mixed pace(jogging+walking). 20k to 30k distance was fast walk. After 30k, only God knows it all. After 30k, my feet started hurting the most. 37k to 40k was like hell. Last 2.2 km were not that great but finally finished clocking at 5 hours 54 minutes 55 seconds. My first ever marathon timings. My best personal record. I was happy to finish it finally. But what happened during the race & after that would surprise you. Keep reading my future blogs.

I'll write few more blogs giving in extra details to share my experience with the world. I will continue writing blogs on my race experiences and I hope to participate the best marathons in India & World.

Ask any silly questions you may have for running marathons. Comments, compliments, suggestions, criticism are welcome.

Let's run.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is It Love:Part-2

Is It Love:Part-2!! wow.. sounds like i have became a director or producer sort of guy and launching 2nd episode of my show "Is It Love".
But sorry, this is not so. I am writing this blog as a comment to the blog of ma friend shantinath "".
Once again, including the lines of the sms i got from my friend "Nandan Chaudhary" yesterday.
"Why Guys like Girls??
Girls always smell good, even if it's just shampoo.
The way they sleep on your shoulders.
The ease with which they fit into your arms.
The way they kiss you, and everything in world seems right.
Somehow they are always warm, even when its just 25 degrees outside.
The way they say, "I miss you".
The way they fall into your arms, when they cry.
The way their tears make you want to change the world so that it doesn't hurt them.
Because once they come into your life, whatever they are to the world. They became everything to you".
I would have to give small treat to Nandan for this one.

(Me too in this blog, when I say "Love", I am actually referring to Love between opposite sexes)

Love, mohabbat, ishq, pyaar, simply I L U, or symbols 1 4 3 all are same.
Love can't be defined, infact it shouldnt be defined!
People have their own(or precisly self-defined) philosophies, when it comes to love. And here i am, love blind(like Darius Danesh's color blind), because I don't want my-self to be a part of controversy, not at-least when the topic is Love.
For me, there are no rules, limits or expectations in Love.
Just re-read the lines from Shanti's blog:
"Love is not what you see, not what you think, not what you hear, not what you achieve , its all that you feel in yourself....

These lines are somewhat untrue for me.
Love could be anything. But the last line is sth, what i follow or believe on!
Love is all that i feel in ma self.
"Kaise bataien kyun tujhe ko chahen, yara bata na payen!
batein dilon ki dekho jo baki, aankhen tumhe samjhayen..
tu jane na..tu jane na...
Nighon mein dekho meri jo hai bas gaya..wo milta tumse tumse hoo-b-hoo
Jane teri aankhen thi ya batein thi bajah hui jo tum dil ki aarjoo.."
My friend "Devarsh" is in love with somebody, and his situation is same as Ranbir Kapoor in above lines.
I am taking an example to explain my feelings about love: I am, here, admitting that i love all of ma female class mates(& thats true) and class teacher & singer taylor swift & some online friends. Then what would be the statements of girls to me? Hey you, arrogant, adament and blah blah kind of guy. What you said? Just say it once again, i will thrash you to ...(dont know where?).. you are such a.... and so n so kind of things. And one question that girls always put to a guy! "What you know about love??" Then should i ask what they know about love?
"Is it to be with the guy on dusk time or weekend, or to talk like hell on mobiles at late nights, or to do some more? That dont know because neither do i have any girl friend nor i am in love with somebody till now!

But, on the very next morning, when i will say that i am still searching ma soul-mate. Then all of girls to whom i was loving yesterday must started thowing sandles on me one by one..:P
So here, should i discuss the most survived form of love? Means first ask a girl to be just friends. Then spend most of your time with her. Then some emotions, and weird kind of feelings that i havn't felt, to any one, till day.
Then comes the climax, from the statement "i would die if i wouldn't be with you forever" And oh God i want to be with my lover after death also. Then to marry the person you love.
Yes!! These all are considered to be the normal signs of being in love!! But dont you think some of the guys and gals those who couldn't make themselves to believe that "the person they are loving may be in love with them or may accept(may give a chance to them)". The only thing you have to do is to let him/her know about yours love.

And what would you do? When the girl you are in love with, gives you not even a single chance to let you prove what you are up to? Not even want to tell whether she loves him (or not) or somebody else.

I had some of the best memories in ma mind that really made me think again and again, whether i was in love or it was just some sort of infatuation(for me it is like loving someone silently). These are:
*Am I in love with the girl named "Pinky" who was my benchmate in 2nd standard? And still remember her.
*Am I in love with girl named "Sikha" in my 6th standard because she was really beautiful & i couldnt forget the day i saw her in somebody's marriage party in black dress...she was looking so damn beautiful..nd i couldnt dare maself to see her face clearly at that time...that moment is still in ma memory...but she is married now(o shit..but true nd doesnt mean i should stop loving her....) And i guess you guys nd gals must have been started laughing at me that Is this called love? where there is no dates, kisses, partying together & no chatting.
But for me, this is also love.
*Am I in love with girl named "Kriti" roll no.-1(mine was 2) class-10th, who cheated me at the time of internal exams..."batao na yaar..plzzzzzzzzz harpreet"...and an unforgtable slap i got from my BIO-teacher coz she copied the whole answer sheet exactly as of mine(word to word...uhhu though i was intelligent at that times...). and that was because she accepted and i refused that she had copied mine.
*Am I in love with girl named "Akshul"(she left the school after 10th but came one day to our school on teacher's day) who congratulated me for topping the 1st terminal examination(yes term exams..dont know whats so special in that..) and as we shook our hands as a part of congratulation...she didnt left ma hand for(i remember) around 4-5 minutes....then just got wake up as i heard some guy(vikas verma ma all time best friend) shouted on me..."yaar haath to chod do"....yups...for me it was like 4 minutes of heaven...
*Am I in love with girl named "I.S."(cant write full name yaar, she is a so & so kind of girl) with whom i attempted to show ma humor many of the times and got mysterious smiles all the times.................
*Am I in love with girl named "Kanika/chest no.-69(as you must have been aware of that sports players are assigned some chest numbers & i got the name indirectly by asking one of players of her group)...who was one of the athletes competing at DAV hamirpur. I dont have words to explain ma feelings i attached with her. Some more info i got during 2nd & 3rd day of play was that she was from DPS, shimla(just imagine of snowfall in shimla in winter season & just me n kanika.......sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh......:P)
*Am I in love with girl(dont know the name)..who lived just opposite to ma room at 3rd floor, sec-42(D), chandigarh(during ma drop-year) with 2 of ma cousins oftentimes sing in some loud voice(i know in hindi at that time yaar) on seeing her around...donno why..??
*Am I in love with girl(again unnamed) for whom i didnt left the bus on ma own bus-stop in chandigarh near mani-majra.
*Am I in love with girl who just came once(really worst moment i would ever forget) to ma coaching institute sec-36(D), Chitkara, CHD.
I am still waiting for the day, i would get a chance to time travel and feel once again.

All above sayings are true as per ma beliefs, and they could have been turned in to some real stories in ma life..for some extra time...but dont know..whether i missed the opportunities to express ma feelings? Or were they just unforgettable moments in ma life.

I still dont know what love is? but atleast you should express anything that you are feeling towards a particular girl or guy.
Or just love silently like me. Where there are no demands, no complaints, no possessiveness, no lust, no hurt.....just feelings feelings & feelings....i dont know whether this is sufficient for someone. But i dont allow ma self to fall in love with some one. Just try to rise in love(i know these are sb's lines...).

If you want to feel more then just intrepret the lines, in any way you want to, i love from some of the songs:

#Shahid Kapoor's lines:
Ba-khuda tumhi ho, har jagah tumhi ho...........(oh no this is serious love..)

#Remix one:
Ooh.. meri soni meri tamanah..jhoota nahi hai mera pyaar..deewane se ho gayi galti.. do yaar..
I love you, I love you..
tadap ke tum mujhko na tadpao..maan jao hum to hain tumhare...tumne bhi to dil se mujhe chaha..tumhi to ho sanam mujhe pyaare.. mere karib aao sanam sun bhi lo dil ki juwan,,,,..
I love you. I love you.
When the tales are dark, and nights alone you gave me strength to carry on
you bring me love & bring me light.................

#Taylor Swift(Untouchable)
Untouchable like a distant diamond sky, Mmmm
I'm reaching out and I just can't tell you why
I'm caught up in you, I'm caught up in you
Untouchable, burning brighter than the sun
And when you're close I feel like coming undone

Infact you should listen all songs of Taylor Swift to know what love is?

#Ashlee simpson(L.O.V.E.)
I'm talkin' bout love
Love is an energy, love is a mystery
Love is meant to be true
Love is a part of me, love is the heart of me
Love is the best thing we do

There are infinite songs i want to mention here but couldnt
contact to to get any single song that exists)..

This blog is dedicated to all those Lovers who are on their way to love, or have lost their lover or betrayed by their loved ones.
There is great value in disaster, because we can start all over again.

This is not the end, this is not even the beginning. This is perhaps end of beginning.
LOVE LOVE LOVE ...first love your self.
Thats all in this blog. Thanks.
A suggestion & order being friend to Shantinath: just jump over means speak-up to the one you are in love with.