Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Are 5 years punishment for Salman Khan is enough?

Wow! Bhai is behind the bars now. He's got 5 years of sentence for hit and run case. Do you even remember the year, yes it was 2002. More than a decade ago.
I'm sure Salman Khan must be punished for drunken driving & killing innocent people who were sleeping on footpath.
Can govt just accept what have they have done in these past 13 years for common man. Are you sure if all the people are above BPL & is every Indian sleeping inside his house?
Govt isn't going to ban alcohol, so people will drink and obviously they might end up driving their vehicles sometimes. You put poor people sleep on road or footpaths, they are vulnerable to accidents.
I'm not a fan of Salman Khan but try to understand his donation efforts for poor people.
He did a mistake, he should be punished.
But punishment can be mend just in the welfare of poor people. Make him donate millions of money or have him correct the slums of Mumbai. I bet he can. He will, given a chance.
Also, you take 13 years to judge a simple hit & run case? I would say punish the officials for delaying this much.